Collection Spring / Summer 2019

Please visit us at one of the following locations:

Düsseldorf / July 21-23 CPD Fashion House 2 / Showroom C023
München / August 4-7 MTC Ordermesse / Termin nach Vereinbarung +49 (0) 151 649 55 688
Copenhagen / August 8-10 The Ciff / B1-282
Oslo / August 12-15 Norwegian Fashion Center / The Hub
Helsinki / August 15-18 Fashion Week / Fashion Center / 1A5, 1A5B

Milo presents for spring/summer 2019 a collection that consists of easily wearable styles in an array of colors ranging from off-white to classic navy
and black with a special mention for red in diverse shades and pale blue, sapphire, mint and yellow as accent colors.

Highlights are the fancy fabrics that enliven the overall view of the collection.
Woven cotton stripes in different options, geometrical patterns in cotton jersey and a black and white jacquard with a zebra design add interest.
So does a multicolor floral print.

Milo offers for this season comfortable jackets with lengths from 68cm to 78cm and easy (rain)coats from 85cm to 115cm.
Our known quality and perfect fit are safeguarded as always.

You are welcome in our showrooms by appointment.